1934 World's Fair                        


16th Street Bridge from Skyride

23rd Street Bridge & Shops

A & P Carnival

Administration Building, Fair side

Administration Building, Lake side, on Outer Dr. at 14th St.

Administration Building, Lake side, on Outer Dr. at 14th St., 350' x 150'

Administration Building From Soldier Field

Aeroplane View Of Fairgrounds

Agricultural Building

Agriculture And Dairy Buildings

Agricultural Building Side View

American Radiator - Standard Sanitary Building

Armco - Ferro, Mayflower House

Armour Buildings

Ball Brothers display

Black Forest

Black Forest

Agricultural Building & Food Products

Avenue of Flags

The Entrance, Avenue of Flags

Twelfth Street Entrance

Belgian Village

Belgian Village Bird's Eye View

Belgian Village

Belgian Village - Carillion Tower

Belgian Village

Belgian Village - St. Nicholas Church

Section of Belgian Village

Bristol-Myers Co. Exhibit

Canadian Club Cafe

Altar in Chinese Lama Temple

Christian Science Monitor Building

Chrysler Building

Chrysler Motors Building & Test Track

Chrysler Motors Exhibit, Exhibit Building

Chrysler Motors Building at Night

Colonial Village

Colonial Village

Colonial Village, House of 7 Gables

Colonial Village

Colonial Village, Mount Vernon, Minuet on the Village Green

Court Of States Building

Czechoslovakian Building

The Czechoslovakian Pavilion

Dairy Building

Dairies Exhibit Building

Dixieland, North Entrance

Dutch Village

Egyptian Pavilion

Electrical Building

Electrical Building

Electrical Building

Electrical Group

Enchanted Island

Enchanted Island Monkeys

Enchanted Island Theatre

Enchanted Island

Enchanted Island Castle

Electrical Group - Fountain & Court

Electrical Building Stairway

English Village

Federal Building & States Group

Federal Building

U.S. Government & States Group

U.S. Government Building

Feeding Silk Worms

Firestone Building

Firestone Pylons

Firestone Building - Gum Dipping Process

Firestone Singing Color Fountain and Shadow Sign

Fireworks over the Lagoon

Ford Exposition Building

Ford Motor Co. Building At Night


Fort Dearborn

View From Fred Harvey's Tower Tea Room, 30th Floor, Straus Building

Gas Industries Hall

General Exhibits Group

General view at night

Aerial View of General Exhibits Group

General Exhibits Buildings

General Exhibits Building

General Exhibits Group

Scene at World's Fair

General Motors Building

General Motors Building

General Motors Building - Chevrolet Assembly Line

General view across lagoon

General Houses Inc. House

German - American Building

Golden Temple of Jehol

Golden Temple Of Jehol

GoodYear Landing Field

Gulf Exhibit

Hall Of Religion

Hall Of Religion

Hall of Religion, from the boardwalk

Aerial View Of Hall Of Science

Hall of Science Building

Hall of Science

Hall Of Science - Carillon Toer

Hall of Science, Interior Court

Hall of Science Building

Hall Of Science

Hall of Science, from lagoon

Hall Of Science - North Entrance

Hall Of Science

Hall of Science, South Entrance

Hall Of Science, Dr. Scholl's Display

Hall Of Science, McKay Company Lounge

Hall Of States And Federal Buildings

Havoline Thermometer

Havoline Thermometer

Hawaiian Gardens

Home Planning Hall, Gibson Lounge

Hiram Walker Exhibit

Horticultural Building

Horticultural Building Fitzpatrick Brothers, Inc display

Horticulture Gardens

Hsinking, capitol of Manchoukuo

The Hub - Henry Lytton & Sons - The Store of Tomorrow

Illinois Host Building

Illinois Host House

Illinois Host House Entrance

Illinois Host Building

Illinois State Host Building

International Harvester Exhibit, farm equipment

International Harvester Exhibit, McCormick - Deering milking equipment

Intra-mural bus in front of the Hall of Science

Irish Village

Irish Village

Italian Village

Italian Pavilion

Italian Building

Japanese Gardens and Pavilion

Japanese Pavilion

Lagoon And Island From Boardwalk

Lagoon And Island From The Skyride

Lincoln Group

The Lincoln Group

Mayan Temple

M & C Italian Restaurant, 14th St. & Leif Ericksen Dr.

Merrie England

Merrie England, Jolly Mermaid Inn

The Midget Village

Midget Village, Town Hall

Scene Along Midway

Mordern Woodmen of America Exhibit

Morocco Buildings

Muller-Pabst Cafe

National Cash Register Co. Display

North Midway Luncheonette

Northerly Isle from Lagoon

Nunnery of Uxmal, Maya Temple

Old Heidelberg

Old Heidelberg

Old Mexico

Oriental Village

Oriental Village

Oriental Village

Otis Elevator Exhibit

Owens-Illinois Glass Block Building

Panorama of Century Of Progress

Pabst Blue Ribbon Casino

Rancho Restaurant

Schlitz Palm Garden

Sears Roebuck Building

Sears Roebuck Building

Entrance To Seminole Indian Village

Seminole Indian Village

Sinclair Oil Exhibit

Sky Ride

Rocket Cars Crossing Lagoon


Sky Ride & South Lagoon

Sky Ride At Twilight

Sky View Looking South On Midway

Sky-Ride And 625 Foot Towers

Skyride, East Tower

Social Science Building, Life Insurance exhibit

Looking South

Spanish Village

Spoor's Theatre

Standard Oil Animal Show

Streets Of Paris

Streets Of Paris

Streets Of Paris

Streets Of Paris

Swedish Building

Swedish Pavilion

Swiss Village

Thompson's Restaurant

Time & Fortune Building

Toy Town Tavern

Transport Building

Travel & Transport Building

Travel & Transport Building

Travel & Transport Buildings - note weeds and empty field in foreground

Travel Building

Tunisia - "Land of the Bedouins"

Ukranian Pavilion

The Ukrainian Pavilion

Ulm Cathedral model

Victor Vienna Garden Cafe

Wilson Co. exhibit

Wilson & Co., Terrace & Roof Garden

Wings Of A Century

Wisconsin Exhibit

World's Fair Administration Building