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A.L. Sercomb Co., silver platers, located above eagle sign, building on rt. corner

A. Wolf & Co. Diamonds, 27-29 S. Clark St.

A. Wolf & Co. Jewelers

A. Wolf & Co. Diamonds, 161 Clark St., c.1910

Adolph Richman, Furrier, "Furs of Enchantment", 30 South Michigan Ave.

Albert Pick & Co., Hotel China Dept.

Aranoff & Morris, Book Shop and Bindery, building on rt. side, c. 1912

Archambaults Store

Bell Oil Co., 5915 Rogers Ave., c.1937. Oil cost 8 cents per gallon!

Bennett Paint Supplies

Beverly Glass & Mirror, 10430-32 S. Western Ave.

Birck-Fellinger Cleaning Plant

Blount's Personal Service Bureau, 320 E. 58th St. c.1944

Boston Store

Bowes-Allegretti, Louis XIV Candy Shop

C.D. Peacock Jewelers

C. Jevne & Co. location, Thomas Church Building

Carson Pirie Scott

Carson Pirie Scott restaurant

Cascade Bowling

Casey Laskowski Funeral Home, 4540-50 W. Diversey Ave., since 1948

Chicago Metropolitan Mutual Assurance Co.

Chicago Telephone Company, Monroe Exchange, 85 S. Sangamon St., c.1910's

Chicago Telephone Company, West Exchange Building, 25 Seeley Ave.

Chief Wash Co., 2050 Balmoral Ave.

The Chinese Emporium

Critchell, Miller, Whitney & Barbour Insurance, Insurance Exchange Bldg.

Dalkullan's Gift Shop

Davis Dry Goods

Eaton's Flower Shop

E.C. Rieck Paint Co., 5804-10 S. State St.

Ed V. Price, Merchant Tailors

Ed V. Price, Merchant Tailors - selling suits at Al Stewart

F.W. Woolworth Store

F.W. Woolworth Store

Ferguson's One Price Cloak House

Fleischman's Flower Store, Railway Exchange Building

Foster - Munger Co.

Franco-American Hygenic Co.

Franco-American Hygenic Co.

Franco-American Hygenic Co.

Franco-American Hygenic Co.

Franco-American Hygenic Co., 125 E. 13th St., mfg. toilet & household requisites, perfumes, etc.

Franco-American Hygenic Co., 125 E. 13th St., manufacturing dept.

Franco-American Hygenic Co., 125 E. 13th St., filling & labeling dept.

Frank Petru Real Estate

Garfield Fireproof Storage Co. 5929 - 33 S. State St.

Ginn & Co., 2301-2311 Prairie Ave.

Graham's Boot & Shoe House

Gunther's Candies

Gunther's Confectionery

Harder's Fire-Proof Storage and Van Co. 40th St. & Calumet Ave., view of safe deposit boxes & silver vaults

Hart Bros.

Hartman Furniture & Carpet Co.

Hebard Storage

Hebard Storage

Henry Horner & Co.

Hillman's Confectionery

I. Himmel & Sons, Furriers,322 W. 63rd St., at Harvard Ave.

Holden's Shoes, c. 1908

Hollerbach & Son Funeral Homes, 4022-36 N. Elston Ave & 525 W. Armitage Ave.

Huyler's Candy Stores

Hyman Berg & Co.

Independent Wall Paper Co. of Chicago

James C. Clow & Sons, Plumbing Showroom

James Davis, Artistic Wall Paper, 1400-1406 Milwaukee Ave.

Jay W. Rapp & Co.

John M. Weiland, florist

K. and K. Produce Co., c.1920

Kranz's Candy Store

Krifka's Glove Store

Kunstadter Bros., 238-240 Adams St.- c.1908

L. Gould & Co.

Lerner Shops, SW cor. Milwaukee & Spaulding, c.1942

Lewis Smith Studio, The Blackstone

Liberty Life Insurance

Liberty Life Insurance, 3501 South Parkway, main lobby

Liberty Life Insurance, multigraph division, stock room

Lilienfeld Bros Co., Great Northern Bldg., street level, just rt. of canopy

Lions Catering Service Bldg., 4306 W. North Ave.

Lion's Catering Service, 4306 W. North Ave., lobby

Lion's Catering Service, Crystal Room

Lion's Catering Service, Regal Room

Lion's Catering Service, 4306 W. North Ave., Grand Ballroom

Logan Bowl, SW cor. Milwaukee & Spaulding, c.1942

Lubliner & Trinz

Lyon & Healy, c. 1913

Lyon & Healy, Reception Room, c.1908

Lyon & Healy, art rooms

Lyon & Healy, first floor

Marks Tailoring Co. Chicago (or do they just have a Marks sign? see factories for Marks Tailoring)

Matthews Roofing Co., 3735-41 W. North Ave.

Metropolitan Funeral Parlors

McClurg's Holiday Display, 333 East Ontario St., c. 1928

Nicoll The Tailor

Northwestern Pharmacy

O'Connor & Goldberg, SW cor. Milwaukee & Spaulding, c.1942

Oriental Gift Shop

O.W. Richarsson & Co., cor. Wabash & Congress, 9'x12' rugs, $15

Pakan Furniture Mfrs.

Pioneer Auto Insurance Co.


Polonia Clothing Co.

R.G. Lydy Lake St. Parking Garage

Remein & Kuhnert Co.

Remein & Kuhnert Co.

Royal Tailors Building

Sally Frocks, SW cor. Milwaukee & Spaulding, c.1942

Samuelson's Arcade, Chicago

Schmitt's Bakeries, in Northwestern Station

S.H. Knox Store

S.H. Knox Store

Shirley's Catering Banquet Hall, 6845 W. Addison

N. Shure Co. Bldg., Madison & Franklin Sts. (220-222 Madison)

Spaulding & Co.c. 1908

States Billiard Parlor

Thomas Hay Hupmobile & Chandler dealer

Thompson Music Co.

The Tobey Furniture Co., 1892, Wabash Ave & Washington St.

Truax, Greene & Co. mfg. labs

Joseph Vacha & Sons Florists, 4710 S. Western Ave.

Victory Life Insurance Co., c. 1927

W.P. Nelson Co. showrooms

W.T. Brown, Jr. Funeral Homes

Walgreen Drugs, SW cor. Milwaukee & Spaulding, c.1942

Walter T. Larson Real Estate

White Lumber Co.

Henry Wojciechowski Co. Real Estate, agent Lawson Garwood

Westerfeld's Packing House Market, 826 Milwaukee Ave.

World's Antique Mart

World's Antique Mart