Restaurants - Older Q-Z                        


Rag Doll, 6335 N. Western Ave., near Devon Ave., featuring largest cabaret dance floor in Chicago

Ranch Restaurant

Ranch Restaurant, International Saddle Bar

Ranch Restaurant, International Saddle Bar

Ratcliffe Ranger Inn

Red Star Inn

The Red Star Inn, Carl Gallauer, founder

Regan's Restaurant

Rendez-Vous Cafe

Rialto Gardens

Ribs By Roberts Restaurant

Ricketts Restaurant, 103 E. Chicago Ave. (see Julian's below)

Rickett's Restaurant, 2727 N. Clark St.

Ricketts Bar - Trophy Room, 2727 N. Clark St.

Ricketts Restaurant & Bar

The Ridge Inn, 6648 Ridge Ave., c. 1951

Ristorante Roma

Roosevelt Restaurant, no address known

The Round Table Restaurant, 5721 N. Clark St., host Scotty

Russell's Silver Bar & Restaurant

Russian Tea Room & Art Shop, 116 S. Michigan, second floor, Lake View Bldg.

Saratoga Grill, 7538 N. Clark St.

Sauganash Inn, 5080 Elston Ave. at Cicero Ave., props. Nick Blaha & Bill Miller

Savoy Cafe

Schoenhofen's Hall, 875 Milwaukee Ave & Ashland Ave.

Schwaben Stube, 1500 Lincoln Ave.

Shanghai Restaurant, 251-53 S. Clark St.

Shenick Co.'s Restaurant & Lunch Rooms, 172-174 S. Clark St.

Sheridan Restaurant & Lounge

Shore Post Restaurant

Siebens Bier Stube Restaurant

Siebens Bier Stube Restaurant, 1466 Larrabee St.

Siebens Bier Stube

The Silver Forest, The Drake Hotel

Singapore Steak & Chop House

Singapore Steak & Chop House, 1011 N. Rush St.

Skooglund's Cafeteria, 1138-40 Wilson Ave., since 1913

The Sky Ride Restaurant

Solick's Restaurant

Song Ying Lo Restaurant

Sonny Goldstone's Yacht Club Restaurant

State & Division Restaurant

The States Restaurant

States Restaurant, Illinois Section, State & Adams Sts.

The Steak House

Stewart Lounge and Liquors, 353-355 W. 63rd St.

Stillsons Restaurant, Madison & Dearborn Sts.

The Storm Cocktail Lounge, 937 N. State St., featuring tropical storms with rain

Subway Cafe

Subway Cafe

Summerset Lounge

Sweden House Restaurant

The Tavern Buffet & Restaurant, 163-165 E. Washington St., in the Elks Building, c.1911

The Tavern Restaurant, Staghorn Room

Teco Inn No. 1 & 2

The Terrace Restaurant

The Pit Restaurant, 1139 N. Dearborn

The Roma Restaurant

The Surrey Restaurant, South Western Ave. at 105th St., John Ruzic, mgr.

Teddy's Italian Restaurant, 1014 S. Halsted St., 2nd Floor, c.1949

Tip Top Inn, The Black Cat Inn, Pullman Building

Tip Top Inn, Charles Dickens Corner, Pullman building

Tip Top Inn, Colonial Room, Pullman Building

Tip Top Inn, c.1907

Tip-Top Inn, Flemish Room, Pullman Building

Tip-Top Inn, French Room, Pullman Building

Tip-Top Inn, Garden, Pullman Building

Tip Top Inn, Grill Room, Pullman Building

Tip-Top Inn, Italian Room, Pullman Building

Tip-Top Inn, The Nursery, Pullman Building

Tip Top Inn, Whist Room, Pullman Bldg

Town Casino Restaurant

Trade Winds Restaurant

Truck Drivers Social Club, 1736 S. Wabash Ave. (18th & Wabash)

Valentine Restaurants

Via Lago Cafe

Villa Sweden Restaurant


Vogelsang's Restaurant

Wagtayles, 1205 W. Loyola Ave., open 24 hrs.

Walgreens Restaurant

White City Bar & Package Dept., 6301-3 South Parkway

Williams Restaurant & Lounge

Windsor Restaurant

Won Kow Restaurant

Won Kow Restaurant

Woodlawn Cafe

Woodlawn Cafe

Woodlawn Cafe, Arbor Room

Woodlawn Cafe, Dutch Room

Wrigley Building Restaurant

Wrigley Building Restaurant, c.1941

Ye Olde Cellar Restaurant

Younker's Pine Room Restaurant

Yun Fong Lo Co. Restaurant