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Adolphs Italian Restaurant, 1045 Rush St.

Agostino's Restaurant, 7 E. Delaware Pl.

Agostino's Restaurant, 7 East Delaware Place

Allegretti's Restaurant & Snack Shop, 4124 W. Peterson Ave.

Allgauer's Restaurant, 6666 N. Ridge Ave.

Allgauer's Fireside Restaurant, 7200 Lincoln Ave.

Ann Sather Swedish Diner, 925 W. Belmont Ave.

Antonio's Steak House, 1528 N. Wells

Armando's Restaurant, Rush & Superior

Arnold & Eddie Restaurant, 9401 Stony Island Ave.

Art Institute of Chicago, McKinlock Court

The Atlantic Fish & Chip shop, 7115 W. Grand Ave., c.1970

The Bakery Restaurant, 2218 N. Lincoln Ave.

Bamboo Inn Restaurant & Lounge, 11 N. Clark St.

Bamboo Room, Country Club Hotel, 6930 South Shore Dr.

Barneys Market Club, 714 W. Randolph

Benihana of Tokyo, 166 E. Superior St.

Beverly Woods Restaurant & Lounge, 11532 S. Western Ave., & Lincoln Heights Restaurant & Lounge, 211th St. So., Chicago Heights

The Beverly Woods, 11532 S. Western Ave.

The Beverly Woods, 11532 S. Western Ave., the Coral Bar and Lounge

Black Bull Restaurant & Lounge, 2190 N. Elston Ave.

The Black Forest Restaurant, 2636 N. Clark St.

Bonne Bouche Coffeehouse & art Gallery, 2348 E. 71st St.

Bratskellar, 1608 N. Wells St.

Burgerbar & misc restaurants across from Chicago Theatre, c.1964

Cafe Azteca, 210. W. North Ave.

Cafe Bellini, 1014 Rush St.

Cafe Casa Blanco, 1609 W. 18th St., "Free Cake for all Occasions"

Camellia House Restaurant, Drake Hotel

Camellia House Restaurant, Drake Hotel

Cameo Club, 2190 N. Elston Ave.

The Cart Restaurant & Lounge, 601 S. Wabash Ave.

Cartablanca, 315 W. North Ave.

Chances R & Across The Street, no address known

Charlotte's Restaurant, 5634 W. Chicago Ave., featuring the New Orleans Room, Bourbon St. Bar

Chef Alberto's Restaurant, 3001 W. Peterson Ave., c.1966

Chiam Restaurant, 2323 S. Wentworth Ave., in Chinatown

Cloud Room, Marshall Fields Co., Chicago Municipal Airport

Club El Bianco, 2747 W. 63rd St.

Club El Bianco, 2747 West 63rd St.

Club El Bianco, 2747 W. 63rd St.

Como Inn, 546 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Country Pancake House, 5224 Lincoln Ave.

DAO Thai Restaurant & Noodle Palace, 230 E. Ohio St.

The Diplomat, 5600 W. Fullerton Ave., steak house & restaurant

Don Roth's Blackhawk Restaurant, Indian Room, Wabash at Randolph

Don Roth's Blackhawk Restaurant, Old Frontier, Wabash at Randolph

Eddie Korosa's Baby Doll Polka Club, 7315 S. Western Ave., c.1966, Eddie Korosa and his Merrymakers

Edinburgh Castle Inn, 5938 N. Broadway

Top - El Grifon Restaurant & Lounge, 1529 N. Wells, Spanish food & paella

Fireplace Inn, 1448 N. Wells St.

Flukie's Restaurant & Lounge, 8211 S. Cottage Grove Ave.

Fritzel's Restaurant, 201 N. State St. at Lake

Fulton's Steamboat - Jimmie Fulton's Captain's Table, 7030 N. Clark St., c.1967