Restaurants - Older A-C                        


900 Restaurant

"A Bit Of Sweden" 1011 Rush St.

A Bit of Sweden Restaurant, 1015 Rush St.

Adolph's Italian Restaurant

Agostino Restaurant, 1121 N. State St.

Al Bailey's Burgundy Inn, 2335 N. Clark St.

Alex Moni Buffet, next to Cook County Hospital

Alice Baum Restaurant, lobby

Alice Baum Restaurant, Main Room

Alice Baum Restaurant, Private Dining Room

Allgauer's Nufer Restaurant

American Restaurant sign, on building at right

Anna Held Fountain Cafe, opened 1927, re-opened 1989

The Ansonia Cafe, 1652 Madison St., MJ Fritzel & R Streeter, props.

Arbutus Lunch Rooms

Athens Restaurant, NW cor. Harrison & Halsted Sts.

Atwood Bldg Cafeteria, 11th floor, NW Cor. Clark & Madison, Miss C.D. Armstrong, Mgr.

Ballantines Restaurant, 1207 N. Dearborn

Baltimore Inn

Baltimore Inn

Baltimore Inn

Baltimore Inn

Baltimore Inn, Quincy St. bet. State & Dearborn

Bamboo Inn

Bamboo Inn, Randolph & Clark Streets, T.Y. Choy, mgr.

Barney's Market Club

Bavarian Hof Brau

Bennert's Cafe, 80-82 Jackson Blvd.

Berghoff Bar

The Berghoff Restaurant

The Berghoff Restaurant

Berry's Restaurant

Bismarck Hotel, Main Restaurant & Bar

Bismark Hotel Winter Garden & Bauernstube

Bismarck Inn, in the Metropolitan Office Bldg., operated by the Bismarck Hotel

The Blackhawk, Indian Room

Blackhawk Lodge, 41 E. Superior St.

The Blackhawk Restaurant

Huyler's Blossom Room, Palmolive Bldg., 917 N. Michigan Ave.

Blue Danube Cafe

Bobildic Grill

Boston Oyster House Kitchen

Boston Oyster House, c.1909

Boston Oyster House, Mural Room

Boston Oyster House Mural Room, c.1909

Boston Oyster House, Mural Room staff

Boston Oyster House, Foyer

The Boulevard Restaurant

Brookfield Zoo Restaurant

Brown & McKinnon's Lunch Room

Brown Bear Restaurant

Buck & Rayner Cafeteria

Buckley's Restaurant

Cadillac Cafe

Cafe Bristol, Englewood

Cafe De Luxe

Duffy's Cafe De Luxe

Cafe Windsor, 1244 N. Clark St., Con Dillon, prop.

Caffarello's Restaurant & Lounge, 5717 S. Ciciero Ave.

Cameo Restaurant, 116 East Walton, cor. Mich. Blvd.

Canton Tea Garden

Carson Pirie Scott Restaurant

Caruso's Theatre Retsaurant, 936 N. Rush St., host Ray Caruso

Central Inn

Charles Weeghman Corp. Restaurant

Charles Senyard Restaurant

Charles West Cafe, 539 S. State St., c.1911

Charles West Cafe, 539 S. State St., c.1914, note spitoons in a restaurant!

Chatterbox Restaurant

Chez Paree Dining Room & Stage

Chez Paree Restaurant, Key Club

Chez Paree Lobby

Chez Paree Restaurant, lobby & foyer

Chez Paree Restaurant

Chez Paree Restaurant

Chez Paree Restaurant, Tropical Circle / Elbow Room

Chez Paree Restaurant, lobby & foyer, 610 Fairbanks Ct., Mike Fritzel, host

Chez Paree, Chez Lounge - Home of Jack Eigen NBC Radio show

Chiam Restaurant,

The Stevens Circle Restaurant, State St.


C.B. Clarks Grape Arbor Cafe

The Claremont Cafe

Clover Bar, 172 N. Clark St., props. Lou Collins & Johnny Glavin

The Clover Restaurant

Club El Bianco, 2747 W. 63rd St.

Club Flamingo, 1359 W. Madison St.

Coliseum Garden

Colosimo's Restaurant

Como Inn Restaurant

Como Inn Restaurant

Cooper Cafeteria

Corner House Restaurant

Covered Wagon Restaurant, Michigan at Cermak