Misc Churches                        


First Church Evangelical Association

Bethany Union Church, cor. 103rd & Wood Sts. in the Tracy area.

Bethany Union Church, 1750 W. 103rd St., c.1959, founded 1872

The Central Church, Stevens Hotel

Chinese Christian Union Church, 2301 Wentworth Ave.

Chinese Temple, Cermak Rd. & Wentworth Ave.

Church of the Redeemer

Church of the Redeemer (Universalist)

Church of the Redeemer (Universalist)

Douglas Park Evangelical Church

Ebeneezer Church of the Evangelical Association

Evangelical Nazareth Church

First Church of the Nazarene, 6417 Eggleston Ave., c.1907

Free Church, (all we can read on the church sign)

German Evangelical St. Stephans Church

German Evangelical Zion Church

Institutional Church (Colored)

Jackson Boulevard Christian Church, 2421 w. jackson bloulevard

Kenwood Parish Church of the New Jerusalem

Logan Square Norwegian Church

Missions-Kyrkan i North Park, Chicago

Olivet Church (Colored)

The Peoples Church of Chicago

Peoples Liberal Church, Englewood

Salem Evangelical Free Church, California & McLean Aves., c.1914

Salem Evangelical Free Church, English Department, McLean Ave. & Mozart St., c.1929

St. Pauls Church, Fullerton Parkway at Orchard St.

St. Trinite, Greek Catholic Orthodox Russian Church

The Stone Church, c.1909

The Stone Church, 37th St. & Indiana Ave., Rev. W.H. Piper

Swedish Mission Church

Swedish Mission, cor. 59th & Carpenter Sts., c.1905

The Assumption - Greek Orthodox Church

Union Avenue Mennonite Church

University Church Disciples of Christ, Divinity House

University of Chicago, 1156 E. 57th St