Misc Buildings                        


5200 Sheridan Rd. Building

Association House & Play Grounds, North Ave. & Leavitt St.

(need help with this one)

Blackstone Hall

Blackstone Memorial Library

Black Stone Memorial

Chicago Avenue Pumping Station

Chicago City Animal Shelter

Chicago Commercial Association

Chicago Greetings


Chinese Joss House

Commonwealth Electric Co.

Dom Misyjny Serca Jesuza

Douglas Park Auditorium

Grand Central Market

Henry Booth House

Last day of streetcar service in Chicago, this was the last train car

Lewis Smith Studio, The Blackstone

Michigan Square Building

Nova Sin Sokola - New Son's Gymnasium, Czech

Oakland Office, Rest Room, a business on the South side of Chicago in 1911, please advise!

Parking Lot

Pfaff's Pavilion

Polish Association

Polish National Alliance

Polish Roman Catholic Union of America Building

Polish Womens Alliance Bldg.

Svobodomyslna skola C.S.P.S., 18 ul. - Please email translation!

Turngemeinde building


unknown institutional type "home"? need help

Unknown religious building, c.1908

Unknown Building showing Class Rush, 1905

Wabash Ave. Fire

Water Tower

Water Tower

Water Tower

Water Tower

Water Tower & Palmolive Building

Water Tower

Observatory Tower & Water Works

Water Works

Roseland Pumping Station, 104th & Stewart Ave., c.1912

Women's Temple Fountain

Women's Temple, back of a card describing the Temple building

Women's Temple